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* for new entrepreneurs and small businesses only


Your brand is the most important intangible asset; its function is not only to differentiate your product or service from others, it presents the image of your product or service and the image of your company as well.  Better branding can bring more business, and the result is not in just one product or service, but in all other products and services associated with that brand.


We help corporations and entrepreneurs set proper branding by providing professional services in creating logos, slogans, trademarks, etc.  We have decades of experience in marketing and sales, and we know how to create a direct, eye-catching and meaningful brand according to the nature and background of each client.


To give back to the community, we help new entrepreneurs and small businesses promote their brands Free of Charge.  New entrepreneurs and small businesses can get our free slogan creation service without any obligation.  If you are interested, please press here to send us your information.


Below are some of our free slogans and trademarks created:


Sample free slogan or trademark created by us  
We are small, but we are professional! - The Aesthetic Design The Leading Voice® - Gladys Chan
Shortcut Reasoning® - Fox Mathematics  
Our Partial Client List  
AH Brand Activation Elite Express
Fox Mathematics Gladys Chan
Mike So, Joseph Lau & Co. The Aesthetic Design
York Education Institute  

We provide slogan creation service in two languages - Chinese and English.  If you want a professionally worded slogan, please contact us for details.

For our free service, please press here to send us your information.




Brand Upgrader and its affiliates are not engaged in rendering legal or other professional service and this website should not be relied upon as providing such advice.  We strongly urge that you seek professional advice prior to acting on the information contained herein. 

For free slogan service: Although we guarantee that all works done by us are our original ideas, we will not perform any search on existing slogans and trademarks that are similar or the same as the ones we suggested.  You should do your own due diligence if you decide to use such slogan.


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